1 to 1 Facebook for Business Training – The Basics

Facebook Basics, Facebook Training, The Basics

This 1 to 1 Basic Facebook Business Training is ideal for the complete novice. We hold your hand through every step and promise not to overwhelm you with too much information. The first step we take together is
creating your new Facebook Business Page or optimising your existing Facebook Business Page. During this process, your 1 to 1 tutor gains a comprehensive understanding of your business and creates a step by step plan for the rest of your Facebook training.

This 1 to 1 training is entirely bespoke. Once we have optimised your Facebook Business Page together, we then move on to showing you how it works, what it can do for your business and how to make the best use of it for your business.

We break it down into two categories: The Basics that every page owner should be doing, and the Advanced Features that have been activated based on your business requirements and objectives.

Learn the basics. Take a week to practice what you have been shown and when you’re entirely happy to proceed with the advanced features, we carry out the 2nd part of the Facebook Business training and show you how to make your business page fly.

Remember that your training session is bespoke to you and your business, so we may cover some or all of following, along with some not-so-public functions that give you the edge of your competitors.

  • Quick check to make sure your Facebook Business Page is set-up correctly, involving some minor tweaks.
  • Brief explanation of which tabs would be most effective.
  • How to post as the business (not your personal account) on the page, and in other posts.
  • How to create a most effective post.
  • Hashtag uses and functions.
  • Mentioning other pages and tagging events.
  • Posting with a link.
  • Posting with a photo.
  • Posting with video.
  • Scheduling, backdating, & drafts.
  • How to navigate publishing tools.
  • How notifications work, and what the Activity Log does.
  • How to handle private messages.
  • How to respond to reviews, the benefits of responding to both positive and negative reviews.
  • Sharing other page’s posts to the page.

Facebook Training Details

1 to 1 Facebook for Business Training – The Basics

Session Length:
Approx. 2 Hours
10 Minute Follow-up Session FREE.

Session Cost:
£150.00 (£135 Existing Clients)
Optional £60.00 for Screen Capture Video Recording. Read More.

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Training Type

Session Recording:

Don't want to take notes as we carry out the training? For a nominal fee, we can provide you with a screen capture video recording of your training session. You can then refer back to the session at any time to refresh your memory. Read More.

Alternatively, you are welcome to record the session yourself, using your preferred screen capture recording software.

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