1 to 1 Facebook Training

Leading UK provider of 1 to 1 Facebook Training. Free consultation call 020 3940 9800 (9am – 5pm). Facebook Training is provided remotely desktop to desktop. It’s bespoke, secure & private. 1 tutor & you. UK in-house Facebook Marketing expert tutor provides Facebook Training for Beginners, Novice & Pro.

Facebook Training – The Basics

Facebook Training for Beginners

1 to 1 Facebook Shop Training for Beginners

PRICE: £45.00 | DURATION: 30 Minutes
The Facebook Shop feature is a great way to increase sales of your products. Together, you and one of our in-house Facebook Shop experts will have products up and running on your Facebook Business Page, and show you how to market them for FREE.

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1 to 1 Facebook Events Training for Business

PRICE: £67.50 | DURATION: 45 Minutes
Facebook Events are an incredible way to generate tickets sales, increase attendance at free events and promote your brand. Together, you and one of our in-house Facebook Event experts will have your next event live within an hour.

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Intermediate Facebook Training

Facebook Live Video Training for Beginners

PRICE: £67.50 | DURATION: 45 Minutes
In addition to showing you how to make the great use of Facebook Live video increase customer engagement, we will give you access to our PRIVATE Facebook Live Platform so you can practice using Facebook Live video without it being seen by your customers.

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Facebook Marketing Training for Advanced Users

Advanced Facebook Marketing Training

PRICE: From £45 | DURATION: From 30 minutes
Our Advanced Facebook Marketing Training is designed for clients that have undertaken any of our ‘Facebook Training for Beginners or The Basics. It’s charged at the same rates as beginner training, based on the time it takes.

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