Remote Desktop Social Media Training

Our remote desktop social media training is brilliant! It’s the most efficient method of providing you and your staff with bespoke professional social media training at your location at a time to suit you.

We use the GoToAssist software which provides a secure desktop to desktop connection to your PC, Laptop or Mac. Contact us for a FREE 60-Second demo of how secure and simple it is to use.

How It Works

1. You visit using Google Chrome or Safari.
2. You download and run a small file that creates a secure connection to your trainer.
3. You enter a unique 9 digit code provided by your trainer..

That’s it. You and your trainer are now both looking at your screen and working together, 1-to-1 on your social media accounts. We can take temporary control of your mouse to provide guided training. You can disconnect at any time and we can never access your desktop without your knowledge. It’s you that actually starts the training session.

Note: If you opt for us to video/audio record the session, you will need to use Skype to talk with your trainer. Otherwise, a phone call or Apple Facetime will do the job perfectly.

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