Social Media Training Packages

As you would expect, our Social Media Training Packages are entirely bepoke. Built from the ground up to provide ONLY the training that is relevant to you, your staff and your business. Call us on 020 3940 9800 or drop us a message. 

A free training consultation is provided to first help us understand the goals of your business. We then create a training package plan and schedule.

The social media training package we create for you is delivered 1 to 1 by a member of our in-house team. The schedule of training usually involves phases of between 1 to 2 hours, delivered at a time to suit you or your staff. This gives participants an opportunity to practice the phase over a short period before we move on to the next phase, and so on until the training package is delivered.

Your 1 to 1 trainer becomes your Social Media Mentor / Coach. With your permission, they will monitor activity on your social media accounts during the practice phases and provide feedback and tips designed to fine-tune your use of social media for your business. They are also available to provide telephone support during the various phases.

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